A Love Note to the Younger ME

Girl!!!! All that heartache you could have avoided looking for salvation and comfort in money and men!

Ha! I don’t fault you because you didn’t know the sweetest love could be found in God. You just didn’t know. If you knew, you would have called Him Daddy way back then. You had no idea how many daddy issues you had until your God started waking you up at 2 a.m. in the morning to love on you and reveal your inner pain that was masked behind all that “pretend confidence.” Your biological dad was never there, but that was ok. You didn’t think you even needed his presence growing up. You will later find out that not only did you need him, but his absence started a domino effect that landed you right in the arms of your savior!!! Truly all things worked together for your good. You realize that no person, place or thing could ever take the grandeur role He plays in your life. If only you could have experienced His love, His peace, His true value back then like you do now. The fellowship and relationship will come 2nd to none!! You will be immersed in Him and He in you. You will come to know that He is sweeter than a honeycomb! He will show you the truest meaning of the scripture that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. See if you knew Him then like I know Him now, I would tell you baby girl, your validation comes straight from heaven and not some knuckle headed egotistical dude. I would pour all the love my Daddy has given the now me into you and tell you to keep your legs closed and your mouth shut. Listen to the wisdom the Holy Spirit is whispering in your ear. Meditate on it. Counsel with it. Allow it

to become apart of you and you apart of it. Raise your standards and really seek

the Holy Spirit for the purpose and plans He has for you. Don’t take anything personally

and guard your heart as the very issues of life flow freely from it.

Despite it all, I am so proud of how you kept your head up when faced with disappointment, devastation and rejection. You did what you knew to do in times of trouble and no matter the circumstances, you still came out on TOP!!!

Bless you Baby Girl!! You are a true King’s Kid!!


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