Charity & Outreach


God’s Finest partnered with sponsor Lowe’s Home Improvement and River of Life Ministries Birmingham to provide a brand new stove to Ms. Carolyn Bell, a faithful widowed mother of 5. Ms. Bell teaches 5th grade math at Pine Level Elementary in Deatsville, Alabama. After 18 years since her husband’s passing and raising her children, she is still believing and Jehovah Jireh is still providing! God's Finest has helped women and men like Carolyn succeed in different areas of their lives by being a helping hand, a friendly ear and an open hand.


Thank you Lowe’s Home Improvement for your act of kindness in

donating the first of 5 air conditioner units for a local homeless

shelter. This enabled a family of 5 (mother and 4 kids) to have

adequate housing.


God’s Finest successfully wrapped up the 1 st charity event by

providing the last 4 air conditioners for New Life Homeless Shelter!!


God’s Finest provided paper products, cutlery and plastic

utensils for the local Salvation Army for Thanksgiving 2018!!